• AirTrack Nordic AirBoard

    AirTrack Nordic AirBoard

    AirBoard is a 10cm thick jumping platform that can be used alone or with other AirTrack products. It is lightweight and easy to use and carry. AirBoard also serves as a landing platform. The AirBoard...
  • AirTrack Nordic AirBeam

    AirTrack Nordic AirBeam

    AirTrack Nordic AirBeam is a safe tool for beam training at home, outdoors or gymnastics! Its 10cm wide center line helps gymnasts to figure out the dimensions of the beam in the landing and increase...
  • AirTrack Nordic Deluxe

    AirTrack Nordic Deluxe

    The AirTrack Nordic Deluxe is a 3 to 10 meters long, 1 meter wide and 20 cm thick premium AirTrack intended for home or professional use in living rooms, backyards, gymnastic halls or anywhere...