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QD Knee Sleeve 3mm

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  • QD Knee Sleeve 3mm
  • QD Knee Sleeve 3mm
  • QD Knee Sleeve 3mm
  • QD Knee Sleeve 3mm


The QD Knee Sleeve provides 3mm thick support. Benefits athletes in endurance and long-distance training. Ideal for endurance sports when you want to carry as light equipment as possible. A basic supportive knee brace with warming and pain-relieving effect. Used for prevention of minor knee injuries.

Functions & Benefits:

• Classic knee support that gives the knee joint compression
• Provides support and warmth
• Relieves pressure and improves coordination
• Fits right or left knee
• 3mm-thick neoprene


• Anterior knee pain syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome
• Strains, and wear-and-tear injuries
• Knee pain
• Soft tissue overload

The QD Knee Sleeve is classified as a medical device and sold as a single unit.


• Cover:100% Polymide
• Foam:70% SBR, 30% Neoprene
• Lining:100% Polymide
• Wash in warm water, air-dry, mesh laundry bag recommended


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